About Us

Tvboxaddons was founded by an entertainment team development. We believe that everyone in the world wanted to access international media channels. At the present there are international people living around the world so we would like to develop the normal television become an intelligence television for everyone can have. We use the TV box to spread all channels for example TV Series, we have US, Thai, Korean, Chinese, German and more. So if you are in USA and you wanted to watch Korean series you can easily see all your favorite series from this TV box for free.

We do sports channels because we consider that sport is the most popular channels and sport’s fan are wishing to see the hot matches of every type of sports. We wanted to bring an easy fun enjoyable entertainment into your home. We can say that sport is our first passion to run this website.

Inspiration of movie channels come from we really like to watch many movies and we know that we need to go buy the blue-ray or CD to put in the CD player but that was waste time and waste money so is it better that we are able to compile everything in the box including different subtitle. We categorized the movies so it will be a lot easier to choose and there are plenty of addons provide you new movies.

We also follow the new series and always update all new series in the TV Box, all seasons and episodes that we compile together to make it useful and easy for your entertainment.

The music and radio, there is no more looking for the music from sterios, we choose to put in the box and list them for convenience, believe me it is very fast and we can find our favorite type of music so easy. You can just click to your favorite music genre then you just enjoy the euphoria from tv box. If you connect the box with your TV and turn on the good graphic it will be very fun arrange party in your home. We are move forward to an advance technology to support every needs which matching the life style of people.

About the game that we also put in the TV box, we know that game is an enjoyable moment and nowadays game industry becoming super social community just like game tournament, it is also for fun and also reward. We are developing game in TV box because we believe that we can collect every type of entertainment in one device just like TV box android.

Our creative process is suitable for everyone for all the sport fan, movie fan or game fan. When you have a good home theatre in your place you can build your house as a recreation space for relaxing and fun surroundings. So enjoy your moment with our best innovation.