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We are providing Addons installation and support services, all the addons we have are available on XBMC. You can choose the addons that you would like us to do pre-install. We have categorized the addons for your convenience. Enjoy watching every channels on TV box android.

*Although this is the official XBMC repository we take no liability for any of these addons written by third parties. We are not responsible for their content or application.

With a simple set up and a promise of even more quality TV our TV addons for your Android TV box is just the one you were looking for. Don’t believe us? You have to see for yourself to believe. The general idiot boxes have been entertaining us for ages now.

We have become smarter and so have all the applications and devices in your life. So it’s time now to spice up your life with an Android smart TV box. Make your television smarter, with our smart TV box sets, your television sets will know you, your preferences a whole lot better.

Our new range of diverse TV addons offers ample entertainment that one can take in, in their busy lives. Endless pool of shows, programs, movies, music and fun available at your TV sets. Get 13 more channels of pure entertainment that you won’t get on Freeview or anywhere else.

What’s more, no contract and zero complicated installation makes it’s even more appealing for our viewers in all the corners of the world. No doubt you get free access to your favorite shows, but you also get to watch BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand 5 and download some awesome apps to stay connected with the world. Unlimited entertainment at unbelievable price, get your set today.