'Rymdkapsel' is an old Norse word that refers to something which is soft on the inside but crunchy on the outside. As in: "Hey, have you tried Olaf Fjörnbutter's muffins today? They're like the tastiest little rymdkapsels!" Try using it, next time you're describing a croquette or a jacket potato, and you'll find it satisfying and descriptive.

Equally satisfying is this stylish, minimalist strategy game, in which you direct little white oblongs to build you a space station and defend it from steadily increasing waves of enemies. You have to manage your resources of food, energy and minions just as you would in Age Of Empires or Civilisation, but on a much smaller, simpler, mobile-friendly scale. It's a fantastic piece of game design, but its simple approach means it's over fairly quickly - a few more challenges and a multiplayer mode would make Rymdkapsel even better.

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