Android Game Controller

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For your personal enjoyment and safety we recommend that you read this manual thoroughly before using this product and keep this manual handy for reference if needed.


1.  Compatible Operating Systems: P3/Win98/2000/ME/XP/Win7/Win8 system
2. 2. 4GHz Wireless game controller
3.  Twin game controller mode is available if game support
4.  Connect via 2.4G, with charger, convenience to use
5.  12 buttons
6.  2 high-precision analog joysticks, offers 360 degree control
7.  Effective distance: More than10m
8.  Bursts design of Turbo
9.  Double vibration
10. Automatic-update


1.  Product Name: PC/P3 Game Controller
2.  Material: ABS
3.  Net Weight: 161g±10g
4.  Battery: lithium battery inside
5.  Connector: 2.4G with 1pcs dongle
6.  Measurement: 15.7*9.9*6.0 cm

Technical Information:

Item NO. EG-C3054W
PC Requirements 32Bit/64Bit CPU
Compatible with Any software version of P3
Port USB Port, compatible with USB1.1/2.0
Connect 2.4G Hz receiver, with charger
Driver Program PC: 0523 No need of driver when play on P3
Basic Function 12 buttons 2 high-precision analog joysticks, offers 360 degree control
Additional Function 1. With 7 LED indicates;
2. Support analog mode;
3. Using standard P3 function, supports latest vision,
4. Automatic-update when connect with game console;
5. Use 2.4G digital communication technology, anti-jamming;
6. Effective distance: More than10m;
7. Bursts function of “Turbo” set up process:
Set: Press “TURBO” and another one or several action buttons, the buttons been pressed support bursts function (when press on the action button, it will burst the action);
Clear: Press “TURBO” and another one or several action buttons that have been set bursts function before, bursts function of the buttons been pressed cleared.
Build-in Function Double vibration motor
Working Voltage 3.7V
Working Current Max quiescent current ≤ 30mA , Max vibrate current ≤ 150mA

Function of Buttons:

Direction Button Up/Down/Left/Right
Action Button 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 - Control move direction of role under digital mode
Select Button SELECT 9 - Chose single mode/double mode or materials and tools
Start Button START 10 - Enter game, start or pause
Right Joystick Have 1 2 3 4 buttons function in digital mode
Left Joystick Control move direction of role under analog mode (Have function when press down, can be set)

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